Saturday, 24 March 2012

Dreams Level Answers


Answers to Dreams1:


1.       bony substance in the mouth (8 letters) CEMENTUM

2.       aromatic herb (6 letters) FENNEL

3.       hint of perfume (5 letters) WHIFF

4.       dine heartily (5 letters) FEAST

5.       misuse of a word (11 letters) MALAPROPISM

6.       take out of one’s will (6 letters) DISOWN

7.       impetutously (8 letters) [sic] HEADLONG


Answers to Dreams2:


1.       call on the carpet (5 letters) CHIDE

2.       argued over petty matters (8 letters) BICKERED

3.       carpet pad (9 letters) UNDERFELT

4.       carpet maker (6 letters) WEAVER

5.       carpet fabric (8 letters) MOQUETTE

6.       wide carpet (9 letters) BROADLOOM

7.       carpet cleaner (7 letters) SWEEPER


Answers to Dreams3:


1.       trial period (9 letters) PROBATION

2.       stopgap (9 letters) MAKESHIFT

3.       Amazon, for one (5 letters) RIVER

4.       Republican rival (8 letters) DEMOCRAT

5.       unsettled region (10 letters) WILDERNESS

6.       university grounds (6 letters) CAMPUS

7.       word book (9 letters) THESAURUS


Answers to Dreams4:


1.       snorty laugh (7 letters) SNIGGER

2.       Indian paintbrush, e.g. (10 letters) WILDFLOWER

3.       have an argument (8 letters) DISAGREE

4.       of lesser quality (8 letters) INFERIOR

5.       special jargon (5 letters) ARGOT

6.       judge the value of (8 letters) EVALUATE

7.       wallet lifter (10 letters) PICKPOCKET


Answers to Dreams5:


1.       informal party (5 letters) MIXER

2.       behind (9 letters) POSTERIOR

3.       groundskeeper or janitor (9 letters) CARETAKER

4.       short-lived insect (6 letters) MAYFLY

5.       public lavatory (8 letters) WASHROOM

6.       flat-topped tableland (4 letters) MESA

7.       terrifying (9 letters) FRIGHTFUL


Answers to Dreams6:


1.       cubbyhole (11 letters) COMPARTMENT

2.       courteous and reverent (10 letters) RESPECTFUL

3.       cooked well enough to eat (4 letters) DONE

4.       conversation (9 letters) DISCOURSE

5.       covey bird (5 letters) QUAIL

6.       commiseration (4 letters) PITY

7.       canoe wood (5 letters) BIRCH


Answers to Dreams7:


1.       cricket sound (5 letters) CHIRP

2.       one with lots of experience (8 letters) OLDTIMER

3.       temper tantrum (5 letters) SCENE

4.       prologue to alimony, maybe (9 letters) MATRIMONY

5.       stomach woe (11 letters) INDIGESTION

6.       feed on leaves and shoots (6 letters) BROWSE

7.       white gypsum used for carving (9 letters) ALABASTER


Answers to Dreams8:


1.       penny-pinching (6 letters) THRIFT

2.       in the eleventh hour (9 letters) DESPERATE

3.       argued against (8 letters) DISPUTED

4.       make well (4 letters) CURE

5.       bearing (11 letters) COMPORTMENT

6.       serious argument (7 letters) QUARREL

7.       Humphrey Bogart film (10 letters) CASABLANCA


Answers to Dreams9:


1.       not on purpose (11 letters) INVOLUNTARY

2.       sew large, loose stitches (5 letters) BASTE

3.       arguing against (8 letters) OPPOSING

4.       petty argument (7 letters) QUIBBLE

5.       frame of mind (4 letters) MOOD

6.       automobile frame (7 letters) CHASSIS

7.       antisocial (11 letters) STANDOFFISH


Answers to Dreams10:


1.       adhering strictly to rules (9 letters) STRINGENT

2.       certification of a will (7 letters) PROBATE

3.       farmland area (7 letters) ACREAGE

4.       whimsical music (10 letters) HUMORESQUE

5.       enjoying a good game (11 letters) COMPETITIVE

6.       down-at-the-heel person (6 letters) WRETCH

7.       formal vote in Parliament (8 letters) DIVISION


Answers to Dreams11:


1.       willing to fight (10 letters) AGGRESSIVE

2.       scrub up for surgery (4 letters) PREP

3.       out to get results (8 letters) FORCEFUL

4.       requiring great patience (9 letters) DEMANDING

5.       unyielding in one’s opinion (9 letters) INSISTENT

6.       combative by nature (8 letters) MILITANT

7.       disagreeably assertive (5 letters) PUSHY


Answers to Dreams12:


1.       royal ceremony (10 letters) CORONOATION

2.       variety of sweater (8 letters) CARDIGAN

3.       surgical device (5 letters) CLAMP

4.       joint disorder (9 letters) ARTHRITIS

5.       argue noisily (7 letters) WRANGLE

6.       keep cool (11 letters) REFRIGERATE

7.       coolness (6 letters) APLOMB


Answers to Dreams13:


1.       knocked out (11 letters) UNCONSCIOUS

2.       good at tumbling (9 letters) ACROBATIC

3.       add beauty to (8 letters) ORNAMENT

4.       gentle push (5 letters) NUDGE

5.       deep feeling of sadness (5 letters) BLUES

6.       place to dip a quill (7 letters) INKWELL

7.       Smokey Bear, for one (6 letters) MASCOT


Answers to Dreams14:


1.       arm bone (6 letters) RADIUS

2.       no longer cool (5 letters) PASSE

3.       up in arms (5 letters) ANGRY

4.       arm, for one (9 letters) APPENDAGE

5.       arms (11 letters) EXTREMITIES

6.       strong-arm tactic (8 letters) COERCION

7.       a shot in the arm, perhaps (7 letters) BOOSTER


Answers to Dreams15:


1.       French dance (6 letters) MINUET

2.       calendar line (4 letters) WEEK

3.       one in the cooler (7 letters) CONVICT

4.       train porter (6 letters) REDCAP

5.       here and there (10 letters) EVERYWHERE

6.       republic on the Gulf of Aden (5 letters) YEMEN

7.       illustrator (10 letters) CARTOONIST


Answers to Dreams16:


1.       kind of railroad car (7 letters) SLEEPER

2.       dirty urchin (10 letters) RAGAMUFFIN

3.       Smokey Bear is wary of this (10 letters) MATCHSTICK

4.       caress with the snout (6 letters) NUZZLE

5.       expression of approval (7 letters) PLAUDIT

6.       account book (6 letters) LEDGER

7.       president before Gerald (7 letters) RICHARD


Answers to Dreams17:


1.       high quality parchment (6 letters) VELLUM

2.       oaty mixture (7 letters) GRANOLA

3.       bird in “Peanuts” (9 letters) WOODSTOCK

4.       one with a cool job (6 letters) ICEMAN

5.       stun gun name (5 letters) TASER

6.       alert watchfulness (9 letters) VIGILANCE

7.       brown homespun fabric (6 letters) RUSSET


Answers to Dreams18:


1.       sleeping with one eye open (4 letters) WARY

2.       cool feeling (5 letters) CHILL

3.       mix together (9 letters) COMMINGLE

4.       alert watchfulness (8 letters) WATCHFUL

5.       beef entrée (7 letters) BRISKET

6.       give the okay to (9 letters) AUTHORIZE

7.       cough syrup ingredient (7 letters) CODEINE


Answers to Dreams19:


1.       unsuitable (8 letters) IMPROPER

2.       confab (4 letters) CHAT

3.       within the rules (9 letters) PERMITTED

4.       snow job (7 letters) REMOVAL

5.       lowest balcony (9 letters) MEZZANINE

6.       not of nobility (8 letters) UNTITLED

7.       swollen (7 letters) BULBOUS


Answers to Dreams20:


1.       milking stool user (9 letters) DAIRYMAID

2.       one with a code in his notes (10 letters) CRYPTOLOGY

3.       moderation (10 letters) TEMPERANCE

4.       orbital point (7 letters) PERIGEE

5.       slender racing dog (7 letters) WHIPPET

6.       reason for a raise (5 letters) MERIT

7.       chest wood (5 letters) CEDAR


Answers to Dreams21:


1.       cool (10 letters) NONCHALANT

2.       lawn intruder (9 letters) CRABGRASS

3.       irascible (7 letters) GROUCHY

4.       nautical nonsense (5 letters) BILGE

5.       relating to the body (9 letters) CORPOREAL

6.       tender in Tijuana (4 letters) PESO

7.       across the ocean (8 letters) OVERSEAS


Answers to Dreams22:


1.       bothersome animal (7 letters) VARMINT

2.       backwoods animal (7 letters) CRITTER

3.       small animal (7 letters) BEASTIE

4.       group of animals (9 letters) MENAGERIE

5.       cargo platform (6 letters) PALLET

6.       insects (4 letters) BUGS

7.       gigantic animal (8 letters) BEHEMOTH


Answers to Dreams23:


1.       oratory skill (9 letters) ELOCUTION

2.       locquacious (9 letters) [sic] TALKATIVE

3.       stand-up bit (9 letters) MONOLGUE

4.       wordiness (9 letters) VERBOSITY

5.       speak with a nasal tone (5 letters) TWANG

6.       deliver a formal recitation (7 letters) DECLAIM

7.       professional speaker (8 letters) LECTURER


Answers to Dreams24:


1.       unethical (7 letters) CROOKED

2.       feeling shaky (9 letters) TREMBLING

3.       special skill (9 letters) EXPERTISE

4.       what stuffy folks stand on (9 letters) FORMALITY

5.       interior decorator’s asset (5 letters) TASTE

6.       Monopoly railroad (7 letters) READING

7.       underground shelter (6 letters) BUNKER


Answers to Dreams25:


1.       nomenclature (11 letters) TERMINOLOGY

2.       more discerning (7 letters) PICKIER

3.       disparaging (10 letters) DEROGATORY

4.       place to build a birdhouse (8 letters) WORKSHOP

5.       where football players gather (6 letters) HUDDLE

6.       type of thermometer (4 letters) ORAL

7.       virtuous (9 letters) WHOLESOME


Answers to Dreams26:


1.       free-spirited (11 letters) UNINHIBITED

2.       scaly anteater (8 letters) PANGOLIN

3.       outfielder’s accessory (5 letters) GLOVE

4.       the big picture (11 letters) ENLARGEMENT

5.       college catalog (10 letters) PROSPECTUS

6.       ballast item (7 letters) SANDBAG

7.       inexpensive (5 letters) CHEAP


Answers to Dreams27:


1.       hat badge (7 letters) COCKADE

2.       off the beaten path (6 letters) ASTRAY

3.       surveyor’s reference point (9 letters) BENCHMARK

4.       blood component (5 letters) SERUM

5.       amorous or ardent (10 letters) PASSIONATE

6.       dumbfounded (10 letters) NONPLUSSED

7.       combine into one unit (11 letters) CONSOLIDATE


Answers to Dreams28:


1.       incorporate (6 letters) EMBODY

2.       like a mondegreen (8 letters) MISHEARD

3.       heading south, perhaps (9 letters) MIGRATING

4.       extreme paleness (6 letters) PALLOR

5.       kids’ club meeting site (9 letters) TREEHOUSE

6.       tame (11 letters) DOMESTICATE

7.       Carlos Slim, for one (11 letters) BILLIONAIRE


Answers to Dreams29:


1.       meeting head (11 letters) CHAIRPERSON

2.       home of modern pizza (5 letters) ITALY

3.       spellbind (9 letters) MESMERIZE

4.       like some communities (5 letters) GATED

5.       nonfictional film (11 letters) DOCUMENTARY

6.       crowd of people (6 letters) THRONG

7.       street crime (9 letters) LOITERING


Answers to Dreams30:


1.       using few words (7 letters) LACONIC

2.       greatly humiliate (7 letters) MORTIFY

3.       Texas cowboy (7 letters) VAQUERO

4.       defender (9 letters) APOLOGIST

5.       highly contagious (9 letters) VIRULENCE

6.       part of Zorro’s attire (4 letters) MASK

7.       take on willingly (6 letters) ACCEPT


Answers to Dreams31:


1.       against standard teachings (9 letters) HERETICAL

2.       old Egyptian tomb (7 letters) PYRAMID

3.       mule-headed (8 letters) STUBBORN

4.       pocket bread (4 letters) PITA

5.       kind of lens (9 letters) TELEPHOTO

6.       what a rainbow displays (8 letters) SPECTRUM

7.       big rig (4 letters) SEMI


Answers to Dreams32:


1.       unrest (11 letters) DISTURBANCE

2.       3-D artwork (9 letters) SCULPTURE

3.       one of the Three Bears (4 letters) PAPA

4.       workshop support (8 letters) SAWHORSE

5.       dental work (10 letters) EXTRACTION

6.       blending in with surroundings (11 letters) CAMOUFLAGED

7.       scrape with the feet (5 letters) SCUFF


Answers to Dreams33:


1.       was ambitious (7 letters) ASPIRED

2.       sticking one’s nose in (10 letters) MEDDLESOME

3.       setting (4 letters) SITE

4.       author of “Walden” (7 letters) THOREAU

5.       state tree of Missouri (7 letters) DOGWOOD

6.       movie DVD, perhaps (6 letters) RENTAL

7.       divisive (10 letters) DISRUPTIVE


Answers to Dreams34:


1.       spouse or companion (7 letters) CONSORT

2.       turned to ice (5 letters) FROZE

3.       recommend highly (4 letters) TOUT

4.       purification process (9 letters) CATHARSIS

5.       imagine (8 letters) ENVISAGE

6.       hardy and resilient (6 letters) ROBUST

7.       major turning point in life (9 letters) WATERSHED


Answers to Dreams35:


1.       amends (10 letters) REPARATION

2.       bandage cloth (5 letters) GAUZE

3.       fluster (4 letters) FAZE

4.       frailty (8 letters) WEAKNESS

5.       like poi (7 letters) STARCHY

6.       embarrass (9 letters) HUMILIATE

7.       poolroom cube (5 letters) CHALK


Answers to Dreams36:


1.       water vapor dispenser (10 letters) HUMIDIFIER

2.       CD manager (6 letters) BANKER

3.       crossword characteristic (8 letters) SYMMETRY

4.       become due, as a CD (6 letters) MATURE

5.       kind of note (10 letters) PROMISSORY

6.       mortgage reduction (5 letters) POINT

7.       would-be cowboy (4 letters) DUDE


Answers to Dreams37:


1.       proof of payment (7 letters) VOUCHER

2.       claim against property (4 letters) LIEN

3.       equivalent in barter value (8 letters) FUNGIBLE

4.       not actively participating (7 letters) PASSIVE

5.       cast out (5 letters) EXILE

6.       of poor quality (6 letters) SHODDY

7.       amount (8 letters) QUANTITY


Answers to Dreams38:


1.       suit fabric (10 letters) SEERSUCKER

2.       cap with a propeller (6 letters) BEANIE

3.       waiters’ income booster (4 letters) TIPS

4.       confirm the accuracy of (7 letters) CERTIFY

5.       embrace (6 letters) ENFOLD

6.       bell sound (6 letters) TINKLE

7.       thingamajig (9 letters) DOOHICKEY


Answers to Dreams39:


1.       create a system of laws (6 letters) CODIFY

2.       consider analogous (6 letters) EQUATE

3.       version of a book (7 letters) EDITION

4.       appropriate (7 letters) EARMARK

5.       enter without permission (8 letters) TRESPASS

6.       insignificant (11 letters) MEANINGLESS

7.       ice-cream drink (4 letters) MALT


Answers to Dreams40:


1.       after-school punishment (6 letters) DETENTION

2.       flood (6 letters) DELUGE

3.       blackball (9 letters) PROSCRIBE

4.       black ball, in pool (5 letters) EIGHT

5.       encourage moral expansion (5 letters) EDIFY

6.       out of sight (6 letters) HIDDEN

7.       countless (8 letters) NUMEROUS


Answers to Dreams41:


1.       make louder (7 letters) AMPLIFY

2.       cry of discovery (6 letters) EUREKA

3.       take home pay (8 letters) EARNINGS

4.       post office purchase (7 letters) POSTAGE

5.       temperature unit (6 letters) DEGREE

6.       walk quietly (6 letters) TIPTOE

7.       one who scales (11 letters) MOUNTAINEER


Answers to Dreams42:


1.       nearsighted cartoon character (5 letters) MAGOO

2.       they’re only beaten when good (4 letters) EGGS

3.       reduce the effectiveness of (8 letters) STULTIFY

4.       provide an incentive for (8 letters) MOTIVATE

5.       cocky manner (11 letters) BRAGGADOCIO

6.       hard task (10 letters) DIFFICULTY

7.       leadership skill (10 letters) PERSUASION


Answers to Dreams43:


1.       stiff muslin fabric (7 letters) ORGANDY

2.       part of a peony (5 letters) PETAL

3.       beat around the bush (10 letters) EQUIVOCATE

4.       hair styling material (6 letters) MOUSSE

5.       lost love emotion (10 letters) HEARTBREAK

6.       singer Gwen (7 letters) STEFANI

7.       serve as an example (9 letters) EXEMPLIFY


Answers to Dreams44:


1.       four-sided figure (9 letters) TRAPEZOID

2.       track for taxes (7 letters) ITEMIZE

3.       well-dressed (6 letters) DAPPER

4.       when the work week is done (6 letters) FRIDAY

5.       boastful talk (9 letters) GASCONADE

6.       pair of fins (7 letters) SAWBUCK

7.       cattle breed (8 letters) LONGHORN


Answers to Dreams45:


1.       what pink roses signify (9 letters) GRATITUDE

2.       battle (10 letters) ENGAGEMENT

3.       police baton (9 letters) TRUNCHEON

4.       2 or 4, e.g. (7 letters) NUMERAL

5.       low cabinet (7 letters) COMMODE

6.       sturdy shoes (7 letters) OXFORDS

7.       praised boastfully (7 letters) VAUNTED


Answers to Dreams46:


1.       yen (7 letters) LONGING

2.       pen (8 letters) STOCKADE

3.       ken (9 letters) KNOWLEDGE

4.       men (9 letters) WORKFORCE

5.       den (8 letters) SNUGGERY

6.       fen (9 letters) MARSHLAND

7.       hen (7 letters) POULARD


Answers to Dreams47:


1.       make flame retardant (9 letters) FIREPROOF

2.       goalie’s area (6 letters) CREASE

3.       ecologically friendly activity (9 letters) RECYCLING

4.       British tennis tournament (9 letters) WIMBLEDON

5.       based on facts (9 letters) REALISTIC

6.       duplicate (4 letters) COPY

7.       passing criticism (9 letters) SIDESWIPE


Answers to Dreams48:


1.       bandit (9 letters) DESPERADO

2.       mudslinging (7 letters) CALUMNY

3.       maxim (6 letters) SAYING

4.       permanent magnet (9 letters) LODESTONE

5.       joke conclusion (9 letters) PUNCHLINE

6.       cocky walk (7 letters) SWAGGER

7.       wear the pants (8 letters) DOMINATE


Answers to Dreams49:


1.       lessen in importance (6 letters) MINIFY

2.       ragged (5 letters) MOTHY

3.       queen bitten by an asp (9 letters) CLEOPATRA

4.       predatory bird (6 letters) FALCON

5.       conscious (8 letters) SENTIENT

6.       just and impartial (9 letters) EQUITABLE

7.       troublemaker (10 letters) MALCONTENT


Answers to Dreams50:


1.       bring calmness to (7 letters) APPEASE

2.       calmed down tempers (9 letters) MOLLIFIED

3.       clam down arguers (10 letters) CONCILIATE

4.       brought calmness to (8 letters) PLACATED

5.       clam (9 letters) UNRUFFLED

6.       calm and serene (8 letters) COMPOSED

7.       calm down (7 letters) QUIETEN



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