Sunday, 12 October 2014

Another Funny Word Puzzle Game: Red Herring

Red Herring is another latest game released by Blue Ox Technologies. Their old product is 7 Little Words, a very popular word puzzle game. Red Herring is a simple funny word puzzle game with a clean and good looking.
I'm more than a little addicted to the game already. The basic idea behind this puzzle game is very simple. You have a four by four grid styled bricks of different words. The category of each row is set on top of each row for four words to fit into and you must drag the suitable words into that particular row. There are just three rows to order, which means once the puzzle is settled you will have a fourth row of red herrings – words put into the game to confuse. The game also have easy, normal and difficult play modes.

It's a simple game and also becomes more challenging when walking through the difficulty levels. I get more successful in normal play mode. In difficult mode it getting harder than for me to solve sometimes.
50 puzzles are available for free with more purchasable for $0.99 per pack.

Other than that though, I think it's a great game.
This simple little puzzle really exercises your brain!

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Sunday, 14 September 2014

7 Little Words Daily Puzzles Answers-September 14/2014

massive in size - TITANIC
kind of lizard - MONITOR
Truman's home state - MISSOURI
Spanish girl - NINA
hunting reward - OUNTY
fried cruller - BISMARCK
sucker - LOLLIPOP

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7 Little Words BUTTERFLIES Stage Complete-50 Levels Answers

7 Little Words Butterflies Level 1

1.       twirled = SPUN
2.       provider of groceries = BREADWINNER
3.       expert = SKILLFUL
4.       collapsed under pressure = BUCKLED
5.       object code producer = COMPILER
6.       soldier's duty = DETAIL
7.       observance of ceremony = FORMALITY

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7 Little Words EASY PEASY Stage Complete 50 Levels Answers

7 Little Words Easy Peasy Level 1

1.       female sibling = SISTER
2.       gather up = COLLECT
3.       French or Spanish = LANGUAGE
4.       one working with a brush = PAINTER
5.       period of 100 years = CENTURY
6.       think over again = RECONSIDER
7.       fire, as a gun = SHOOT
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7 Little Words FLAMINGOS Stage Complete 50 Levels Answers

7 Little Words Flamingos Level 1

1.       dazzling style = PIZZAZZ
2.       merry-go-round = WHIRLIGIG
3.       in a royal way = QUEENLY
4.       architectural artist = DRAFTSMAN
5.       small laughs = GIGGLES
6.       where railcars are linked = SWITCHYARD
7.       Irish girlfriend = MAVOURNEEN
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7 Little Words GINGERBREAD Stage Complete 50 Levels Answers

7 Little Words Gingerbread Level 1

1.       pouty look = MOUE
2.       tarnish = TAINT
3.       deception = FALSITY
4.       sit on eggs = BROOD
5.       ruin of street cred = DEFAMATION
6.       rot = BALDERDASH
7.       kind of tire = RADIAL

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7 Little Words KIDS Stage Complete 50 Levels Answers

7 Little Words Kids Level 1

1.       baby frog = TADPOLE
2.       main part of a tree = TRUNK
3.       rural greeting = HOWDY
4.       woodwind instrument = CLARINET
5.       red or black candy = LICORICE
6.       runaway elephant = ROGUE
7.       find fault with = CRITICIZE

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7 Little Words KITES Stage Complete 50 Levels Answers

7 Little Words Kites Level
1.       speak in favor of (9 letters) =RECOMMEND
2.       water vessel (6 letters) =BUCKET
3.       jersey (8 letters) =SHIRT
4.       spot between eyes and scalp (8 letters) =FOREHEAD
5.       printing error (4 letters) =TYPO
6.       musical based on Dickens (6 letters) =OLIVER
7.       short stay (5 letters) =VISIT
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