Tuesday, 16 July 2013

7 Little Words TULIPS Stage Complete 50 7 Little Words tulips Levels Answers

                     7 Little Words tulips Level 1

                      1. mysterious = ARCANE
                      2. staying out of sight = HIDING
                      3. mournful = PLAINTIVE
                      4. calumny = SLANDER
                      5. street game = STOOPBALL
                      6. jumbled mass = AGGLOMERATE
                      7. isolation = SOLITUDE

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7 Little Words VANILLA Stage Complete 50 Levels Answers


                            7 Little Words vanilla Level 1

                           1. speedy atomic particle = TACHYON 
                           2. blown up = ENLARGED 
                           3. making a request of = ASKING 
                           4. flicker = FLITTER 
                           5. small anchor = GRAPNEL 
                           6. securely = TIGHTLY 
                           7. causing friction = RUBBING

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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

7 Little Words SNOWMAN Stage Complete 50 Levels Answers

                                  7 Little Words snowman Level 1

  1. 1973 Nobel Peace Prize winner = KISSINGER
  2. snakebird = ANHINGA
  3. cooking apple = COSTARD
  4. dull and listless = DRAGGY
  5. dishonesty = DEVIOUSNESS
  6. throw off the premises = EVICT
  7. jumbled collection = PATCHWORK 

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7 Little Words SLIPPERS Stage Complete 50 Levels Answers

                              7 Little Words Slippers Level 1

  1. Airport waiting area = LOUNGE
  2. Unpleasant experience = BUMMER
  3. Expose as false = DEBUNK
  4. Part of a centipede = SEGMENT
  5. Blew your top = FLIPPED
  6. Vitality = VIGOR
  7. Scholarly = ERUDITE


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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

7 Little Words PEPPERMINT Stage Complete 50 Levels Answers

                    7 Little Words Peppermint Level 1

                      1. sense = FEEL
                      2. just plain stubborn = MULISH
                      3. castle owner = ROYAL
                      4. actress O'Hara = MAUREEN
                      5. one falling behind = STRAGGLER
                      6. slight illness = AILMENT
                      7. far from being poor = WEALTHY

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Sunday, 21 April 2013

7 Little Words MOUNTAINS Stage Complete 50 Levels Answers

                     7 Little Words Mountains Level 1

1.       place side by side = JUXTAPOSE
2.       candlemaking substance = PARAFFIN
3.       poison nullifier = ANTIDOTE
4.       travel by car = MOTOR
5.       long ribbons of pasta = LINGUINI
6.       record new sounds on = OVERDUB
7.       eliminate = PURGE


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7 Little Words MEADOWS Stage Complete 50 Levels Answers

7 Little Words Meadows Level

1.       dressing accessories = TRAPPINGS
2.       sleeveless undergarment = CAMISOLE
3.       dancer's workout attire = LEOTARD
4.       long loose shirt = TUNIC
5.       high heels = STILETTOS
6.       woman's one-piece garment = FROCK
7.       woman's shirt = BLOUSE


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Saturday, 20 April 2013

7 Little Words MAPLE Stage Complete 50 Levels Answers

7 Little Words Maple Level 1

1.       popular '50s hairdo = DUCKTAIL
2.       whispering sound = SUSURRUS
3.       for the birds = AVIAN
4.       some futures = COMMODITIES
5.       pantywaist = MILKSOP
6.       great enthusiasm = EBULLIENCE
7.       acting like a child = REGRESSION


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7 Little Words WALLABIES Stage Complete 50 Levels Answers

7 Little Words Wallabies Level

1.       temporary shelter (6 letters) QUAMBY
2.       ahead of schedule (9 letters) PREMATURE
3.       talk big (5 letters) BOAST
4.       give it a try (4 letters) BURL
5.       city founded by Colonel Light (8 letters)                                                                                        ADELAIDE
6.       controlled behavior (10 letters) DISCIPLINE
7.       sleeveless garment (4 letters) VEST

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7 Little Words MAGNOLIAS Stage Complete 50 Levels Answers

7 Little Words Magnolias Level 1

1.       physical feeling = SENSATION
2.       learned people = SCHOLARS
3.       more than two times = THRICE
4.       about a specific subject = THEMATIC
5.       spiral-shaped pasta = ROTINI
6.       little bit = SOUPCON
7.       report card listing = GRADES

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Sunday, 6 January 2013

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