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Sunrise Level 1 Answers:

1.       chesspiece (6 letters) KNIGHT
2.       four-score (6 letters) EIGHTY
3.       piratical disease (6 letters) SCURVY
4.       snakes (6 letters) COBRAS
5.       roller skating waitress (6 letters) CARHOP
6.       harmless (6 letters) BENIGN
7.       something to eat (4 letters) CHOW

Sunrise Level 2 Answers:

1.       booms (8 letters) THUNDERS
2.       helix (6 letters) SPIRAL
3.       3/4 dance (5 letters) WALTZ
4.       bunny food (7 letters) CARROTS
5.       fancy cup (6 letters) GOBLET
6.       nautical greeting (4 letters) AHOY
7.       orbiting sphere (6 letters) PLANET

Sunrise Level 3 Answers:

1.       flat top (7 letters) PLATEAU
2.       stretchy stuff (7 letters) SPANDEX
3.       not a very nice guy (9 letters) SCOUNDREL
4.       not very fancy (7 letters) SPARTAN
5.       stays away from (6 letters) AVOIDS
6.       whirlwind (7 letters) TORNADO
7.       desires (5 letters) WANTS

Sunrise Level 4Answers:

1.       tippy boat (5 letters) CANOE
2.       Mexican sauce (5 letters) SALSA
3.       portable canopy (8 letters) UMBRELLA
4.       sell illegally (7 letters) TRAFFIC
5.       opera star Lanza (5 letters) MARIO
6.       facial hair (8 letters) MUSTACHE
7.       increasing (6 letters) WAXING

Sunrise Level 5 Answers:

1.       baby kangaroo (4 letters) JOEY
2.       The Milkmaid artist (7 letters) VERMEER
3.       lives under the sea (9 letters) SPONGEBOB
4.       sugar transformed (7 letters) CARAMEL
5.       splits in two (7 letters) DIVIDES
6.       dimestore novel (9 letters) PAPERBACK
7.       unwanted email (4 letters) SPAM

Sunrise Level 6 Answers:

1.       plush bear (5 letters) TEDDY
2.       land bridge (7 letters) ISTHMUS
3.       Arthur’s childhood nickname (4 letters) WART
4.       sheds light (7 letters) LANTERN
5.       barrel maker (6 letters) COOPER
6.       island State (6 letters) HAWAII
7.       good for you (10 letters) BENEFICIAL

Sunrise Level 7 Answers:

1.       without fault (9 letters) BLAMELESS
2.       extra (5 letters) SPARE
3.       used up (5 letters) SPENT
4.       triangular sail (9 letters) SPINNAKER
5.       Italian dessert (8 letters) TIRAMISU
6.       release anger (4 letters) VENT
7.       lightbulb inventor (6 letters) EDISON

Sunrise Level 8 Answers:

1.       keeps a baby dry (6 letters) DIAPER
2.       hard substance (7 letters) DIAMOND
3.       worth something (8 letters) VALUABLE
4.       small amount (5 letters) PINCH
5.       lobby (9 letters) VESTIBULE
6.       not a bear (5 letters) PANDA
7.       fake (4 letters) SHAM

Sunrise Level 9 Answers:

1.       tossed veggies (5 letters) SALAD
2.       nurture (6 letters) FOSTER
3.       tortilla chips (7 letters) DORITOS
4.       stylishly sophisticated (6 letters) CLASSY
5.       flying machine (10 letters) HELICOPTER
6.       pass over (4 letters) SKIP
7.       fear (11 letters) TREPIDATION

Sunrise Level 10 Answers:

1.       make angry (9 letters) INFURIATE
2.       suppress (6 letters) STIFLE
3.       shark (10 letters) HAMMERHEAD
4.       green-headed duck (7 letters) MALLARD
5.       rowing (4 letters) CREW
6.       wonderful (11 letters) MAGNIFICENT
7.       fashionable (6 letters) TRENDY

Sunrise Level 11 Answers:

1.       native American tribe (4 letters) HOPI
2.       teacup mate (6 letters) SAUCER
3.       Ulysses or Cary (5 letters) GRANT
4.       penguin (10 letters) ROCKHOPPER
5.       green’s complement (7 letters) MAGENTA
6.       afternoon nap (6 letters) SIESTA
7.       thorny bushes (8 letters) BRAMBLES

Sunrise Level 12 Answers:

1.       with identity hidden (9 letters) INCOGNITO
2.       spherical toys (7 letters) MARBLES
3.       strongly attractive (8 letters) MAGNETIC
4.       timepiece (5 letters) WATCH
5.       Price Is Right’s Bob (6 letters) BARKER
6.       Garfield’s food of choice (7 letters) LASAGNA
7.       West African nation (5 letters) GHANA

Sunrise Level 13 Answers:

1.       military headquarters (8 letters) PENTAGON
2.       cancel (8 letters) MOTHBALL
3.       be indecisive (5 letters) WAVER
4.       free of germs (7 letters) STERILE
5.       hunts wabbits (5 letters) ELMER
6.       pastry (6 letters) DANISH
7.       citrus fruit (6 letters) ORANGE

Sunrise Level 14 Answers:

1.       skull (7 letters) CRANIUM
2.       Chilean capital (8 letters) SANTIAGO
3.       big bear (6 letters) KODIAK
4.       hot pepper (8 letters) HABANERO
5.       reversible word (10 letters) PALINDROME
6.       action word (4 letters) VERB
7.       shoe grip (5 letters) CLEAT

Sunrise Level 15 Answers:

1.       enough (6 letters) PLENTY
2.       makes a choice (7 letters) DECIDES
3.       board (5 letters) PLANK
4.       causing harm (8 letters) DAMAGING
5.       defendant’s adversary (9 letters) PLAINTIFF
6.       goes between bricks (6 letters) MORTAR
7.       mix thoroughly (5 letters) BLEND
Sunrise Level 16 Answers:

1.       Italian Cheese (6 letters) ASIAGO
2.       Moonlight Sonata composer (9 letters) BEETHOVEN
3.       floating abode (9 letters) HOUSEBOAT
4.       fraudulent offer (4 letters) SCAM
5.       British fries (5 letters) CHIPS
6.       strike hands together (4 letters) CLAP
7.       Alexandrian wonder (7 letters) LIBRARY

Sunrise Level 17 Answers:

1.       monkey of genus Papio (6 letters) BABOON
2.       boat captain (7 letters) SKIPPER
3.       Wally’s kid brother (6 letters) BEAVER
4.       way out (4 letters) EXIT
5.       appear threateningly (4 letters) LOOM
6.       terse (8 letters) SUCCINCT
7.       weave out of control (8 letters) FISHTAIL

Sunrise Level 18 Answers:

1.       Elvis flick (8 letters) CLAMBAKE
2.       white long-legged bird (5 letters) STORK
3.       Bizet opera (6 letters) CARMEN
4.       top of the mountain (6 letters) SUMMIT
5.       obvious (7 letters) BLATANT
6.       foreigner (5 letters) ALIEN
7.       fries quickly (6 letters) SAUTES

Sunrise Level 19 Answers:

1.       fastener (6 letters) STAPLE
2.       six-string (6 letters) GUITAR
3.       near the equator (8 letters) TROPICAL
4.       spins around (7 letters) ROTATES
5.       one who scales (7 letters) CLIMBER
6.       stage drama (4 letters) PLAY
7.       railroad bridge (7 letters) TRESTLE

Sunrise Level 20 Answers:

1.       explore caves (7 letters) SPELUNK
2.       Carole King opus (8 letters) TAPESTRY
3.       gather (6 letters) CORRAL
4.       reef building block (5 letters) CORAL
5.       Maine crustacean (7 letters) LOBSTER
6.       transitory (9 letters) TEMPORARY
7.       one who flees (8 letters) FUGITIVE

Sunrise Level 21 Answers:

1.       nascent (7 letters) BUDDING
2.       fellow (4 letters) CHAP
3.       entwined (7 letters) TANGLED
4.       malt source (6 letters) BARLEY
5.       alter without permission (6 letters) TAMPER
6.       hidden (6 letters) VEILED
7.       unintelligible speech (6 letters) MUMBLE

Sunrise Level 22 Answers:

1.       unmeasured serving (6 letters) DOLLOP
2.       oblong yarn balls (6 letters) SKEINS
3.       stumbles (5 letters) TRIPS
4.       automatic reactions (8 letters) REFLEXES
5.       tropical fruit (6 letters) PAPAYA
6.       almost (6 letters) NEARLY
7.       mushrooms (6 letters) FUNGI

Sunrise Level 23 Answers:

1.       fancy supper (7 letters) BANQUET
2.       bending easily (7 letters) PLIABLE
3.       flying grasshopper (6 letters) LOCUST
4.       baked fruit pastry (7 letters) STRUDEL
5.       expels violently (6 letters) VOMITS
6.       unkind practical joke (5 letters) PRANK
7.       Larry, Moe, and Curly (7 letters) STOOGES

Sunrise Level 24 Answers:

1.       complain (5 letters) GRIPE
2.       ship’s steering wheel (4 letters) HELM
3.       cosmetic powder (6 letters) TALCUM
4.       Burma (7 letters) MYANMAR
5.       spotted horse breed (9 letters) APPALOOSA
6.       spice made from peppers (7 letters) PAPRIKA
7.       win a victory (6 letters) CLINCH

Sunrise Level 25 Answers:

1.       powerhouse (6 letters) DYNAMO
2.       nervous movement (6 letters) FIDGET
3.       sequester (8 letters) CLOISTER
4.       purple dinosaur (6 letters) BARNEY
5.       medieval code (8 letters) CHIVALRY
6.       four quarts (6 letters) GALLON
7.       deflect (5 letters) PARRY

Sunrise Level 26 Answers:

1.       weatherman’s prognostication (8 letters) FORECAST
2.       prenuptial party (6 letters) SHOWER
3.       Cinderella’s deadline (8 letters) MIDNIGHT
4.       for the most part (6 letters) MAINLY
5.       reindeer (7 letters) CARIBOU
6.       fortified wine (4 letters) PORT
7.       musical line (6 letters) MELODY

Sunrise Level 27 Answers:

1.       British sausage (6 letters) BANGER
2.       apportion (6 letters) PARCEL
3.       Australia’s Great Reef (7 letters) BARRIER
4.       koala food (10 letters) EUCALYPTUS
5.       say how you feel (5 letters) OPINE
6.       adding up to (8 letters) TOTALING
7.       make dirty (4 letters) SOIL

Sunrise Level 28 Answers:

1.       cast out (6 letters) BANISH
2.       stew in white gravy (9 letters) FRICASSEE
3.       Agassi’s sport (6 letters) TENNIS
4.       Polynesian nation (6 letters) TUVALU
5.       ongoing (7 letters) CHRONIC
6.       New Zealander (4 letters) KIWI
7.       Fawlty Towers bellhop (4 letters) MANUEL

Sunrise Level 29 Answers:

1.       high cliffs (10 letters) PRECIPICES
2.       counting (6 letters) CENSUS
3.       grape variety (6 letters) SHIRAZ
4.       Ayer’s Rock (5 letters) ULURU
5.       posts to Twitter (6 letters) TWEETS
6.       culpability (5 letters) BLAME
7.       musical speed (5 letters) TEMPO

Sunrise Level 30 Answers:

1.       handgun (6 letters) PISTOL
2.       not stereo (8 letters) MONAURAL
3.       Port Phillip city (9 letters) MELBOURNE
4.       Microsoft’s Bill (5 letters) GATES
5.       constellation (8 letters) PLEIADES
6.       flag (6 letters) BANNER
7.       type of wheat (5 letters) DURUM

Sunrise Level 31 Answers:

1.       hearty Tuscan soup (9 letters) RIBOLITTA
2.       Norwegian porridge (9 letters) ROMMEGROT
3.       midwife (5 letters) DOULA
4.       man of vision (8 letters) OPTICIAN
5.       enthusiast (4 letters) BUFF
6.       subdivision of Louisiana (6 letters) PARISH
7.       fishing boat (7 letters) TRAWLER

Sunrise Level 32 Answers:

1.       tree bearing catkins (6 letters) WILLOW
2.       naïve person (10 letters) GOBEMOUCHE
3.       tree with peeling bark (5 letters) BIRCH
4.       part of a PA system (11 letters) LOUDSPEAKER
5.       economic concern (9 letters) INFLATION
6.       flower used in perfumes (7 letters) JASMINE
7.       king with a sword over him (8 letters) DAMOCLES

Sunrise Level 33 Answers:

1.       musky catlike animal (5 letters) CIVET
2.       stifled laugh (7 letters) SNICKER
3.       molded crown (7 letters) CORNICE
4.       walked like Paul Bunyan (8 letters) LUMBERED
5.       order too much inventory (9 letters) OVERSTOCK
6.       send to a computer (6 letters) UPLOAD
7.       shut down (10 letters) DEACTIVATE

Sunrise Level 34 Answers:

1.       pertinence (9 letters) RELEVANCE
2.       sound heard when calling ewe (5 letters) BLEAT
3.       ask a question (5 letters) QUERY
4.       architectural base (8 letters) PEDESTAL
5.       ham radio band (9 letters) SHORTWAVE
6.       tetched (5 letters) BATTY
7.       without a saddle (8 letters) BAREBACK

Sunrise Level 35 Answers:

1.       take to court (9 letters) PROSECUTE
2.       shocking (10 letters) SCANDALOUS
3.       anchor blade (5 letters) FLUKE
4.       brooding (5 letters) MOODY
5.       identical (4 letters) SAME
6.       protruding collar for support (6 letters) FLANGE
7.       katana wielder (7 letters) SAMURAI

Sunrise Level 36 Answers:

1.       small rounded hill (5 letters) KNOLL
2.       pine or spruce, for instance (9 letters) EVERGREEN
3.       period around noon (9 letters) LUNCHTIME
4.       haptophobic’s fear (5 letters) TOUCH
5.       Mojave Desert city (7 letters) NEEDLES
6.       overexposure redness (7 letters) SUNBURN
7.       kitchen remodel purchase (10 letters) COUNTERTOP

Sunrise Level 37 Answers:

1.       shrieked (8 letters) SCREAMED
2.       having a way with words (8 letters) ELOQUENT
3.       infernal (7 letters) BLASTED
4.       unsettled (6 letters) QUEASY
5.       card game (5 letters) RUMMY
6.       concealed (6 letters) HIDDEN
7.       profoundly moving (8 letters) POIGNANT

Sunrise Level 38 Answers:

1.       tragic upheaval (9 letters) CATACLYSM
2.       nuclear tragedy (8 letters) MELTDOWN
3.       tragic (8 letters) SHOCKING
4.       miseries arising from tragedy (4 letters) WOES
5.       minor tragedy (10 letters) MISFORTUNE
6.       sudden tragedy (11 letters) CATASTROPHE
7.       tragedy by Euripides (7 letters) ELECTRA

Sunrise Level 39 Answers:

1.       actor’s substitute (10 letters) UNDERSTUDY
2.       sugar substitute (10 letters) NUTRASWEET
3.       actress’s substitute (10 letters) STUNTWOMAN
4.       substitute governor (9 letters) SURROGATE
5.       emergency substitute (6 letters) BACKUP
6.       cheap substitute (6 letters) ERSATZ
7.       substitute worker (4 letters) TEMP

Sunrise Level 40 Answers:

1.       affected refusal (8 letters) ACCISMUS
2.       not living forever (6 letters) MORTAL
3.       puts up roadblocks (7 letters) STYMIES
4.       below the surface (10 letters) SUBLIMINAL
5.       elimination (11 letters) ERADICATION
6.       panel member (5 letters) JUROR
7.       Port-au-Prince is its capital (5 letters) HAITI

Sunrise Level 41 Answers:

1.       forest dweller (6 letters) SLYVAN
2.       great interest (10 letters) ENTHUSIASM
3.       play piano for, say (9 letters) ACCOMPANY
4.       western African nation (8 letters) CAMEROON
5.       safeguard (10 letters) PRECAUTION
6.       kiss (4 letters) BUSS
7.       South American cowboy (6 letters) GAUCH

Sunrise Level 42 Answers:

1.       cleaning (9 letters) HOUSEWORK
2.       furtive moving (7 letters) STEALTH
3.       flawlessly clean (10 letters) IMMACULATE
4.       extra tidy (10 letters) FASTIDIOUS
5.       ancient city (4 letters) TROY
6.       at a high cost (7 letters) PYRRHIC
7.       FM receiver (5 letters) RADIO

Sunrise Level 43 Answers:

1.       make larger (7 letters) ACCRETE
2.       ridiculous (10 letters) OUTLANDISH
3.       impressive or majestic (7 letters) SUBLIME
4.       jester (7 letters) BUFFOON
5.       eccentric (8 letters) CRACKPOT
6.       put in order (8 letters) ORGANIZE
7.       customary (12 letters) CONVENTIONAL

Sunrise Level 44 Answers:

1.       strange (8 letters) ABNORMAL
2.       spontaneously playful (9 letters) WHIMSICAL
3.       chick’s cry (4 letters) PEEP
4.       device used on some screens (6 letters) STYLUS
5.       one in music up to his chin (9 letters) VIOLINIST
6.       detail-oriented (10 letters) METICULOUS
7.       arrogant (11 letters) OVERBEARING

Sunrise Level 45 Answers:

1.       neural junction (7 letters) SYNAPSE
2.       remove foreign elements (6 letters) PURIFY
3.       restaurant booking (11 letters) RESERVATION
4.       foolishness (9 letters) ABSURDITY
5.       depreciation (9 letters) SHRINKAGE
6.       armored mammal (9 letters) ARMADILLO
7.       of the universe (6 letters) COSMIC

Sunrise Level 46 Answers:

1.       debased caricature (8 letters) TRAVESTY
2.       badly distorted (9 letters) GROTESQUE
3.       look like (8 letters) RESEMBLE
4.       be too sweet (4 letters) CLOY
5.       without a care (11 letters) THOUGHTLESS
6.       sci-fi invader (7 letters) MARTIAN
7.       fall apart (7 letters) CRUMBLE

Sunrise Level 47 Answers:

1.       thought to be true (8 letters) PUTATIVE
2.       fatherhood (9 letters) PATERNITY
3.       yarn bundle (4 letters) HANK
4.       one who thinks he’s clever (7 letters) SOPHIST
5.       gloomy (10 letters) LUGUBRIOUS
6.       gloomy (9 letters) SATURNINE
7.       make a miasma (7 letters) POLLUTE

Sunrise Level 48 Answers:

1.       microscope dye (5 letters) STAIN
2.       gloomy (8 letters) FUNEREAL
3.       one cheering you on (9 letters) SUPPORTER
4.       shortage (6 letters) DEARTH
5.       pulleylike structure (8 letters) TROCHLEA
6.       old Grecian currency (7 letters) DRACHMA
7.       rescue illumination (11 letters) SEARCHLIGHT

Sunrise Level 49 Answers:

1.       extend (7 letters) PROLONG
2.       down in the dumps (6 letters) MOROSE
3.       subtle gossip (8 letters) INNUENDO
4.       provoking fear (5 letters) SCARY
5.       close-knit group (7 letters) PHALANX
6.       in good spirits (8 letters) CHEERFUL
7.       ringmaster, for one (7 letters) SHOWMAN

Sunrise Level 50 Answers:

1.       kitchen leader (4 letters) CHEF
2.       hair curler (10 letters) BEAUTICIAN
3.       government of the few (9 letters) OLIGARCHY
4.       government takeover (4 letters) COUP
5.       not military (8 letters) CIVILIAN
6.       hiring of relatives (8 letters) NEPOTISM
7.       college graduates (6 letters) ALUMNI


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