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Salt level-1 Answers:


1.       crazy (7 letters) CRACKED

2.       idiotic (5 letters) NUTTY

3.       off the wall (9 letters) SCREWBALL

4.       half-baked (11 letters) HAREBRAINED

5.       unconventional (7 letters) OFFBEAT  

6.       senseless (7 letters) MESHUGA

7.       difficult problem (9 letters) CONUNDRUM


Salt level-2 Answers:


1.       pushing and shoving (7 letters) SCUFFLE  

2.       scrimshaw (7 letters) CARVING

3.       separator of clauses (9 letters) SEMICOLON

4.       strike with a flat object (6 letters) THWACK

5.       without thinking (9 letters) IMPULSIVE

6.       sensational promotion (8 letters) BALLYHOO

7.       harshly critical (8 letters) SCATHING


Salt level-3 Answers:


1.        without warning (6 letters) SUDDEN  

2.       be in charge of (10 letters) ADMINISTER  

3.       NASCAR course (5 letters) TRACK  

4.       staggering (10 letters) FORMIDABLE

5.       injurious (7 letters) HARMFUL

6.       food storage area (6 letters) PANTRY

7.       leaf part (4 letters) STEM


Salt level-4 Answers:


1.       penetrate throughout (7 letters) PERVADE

2.       remember with a ceremony (11 letters) COMMEMORATE  

3.       mujaddara legume (11 letters) LENTIL

4.       deviate from the main topic (7 letters) DIGRESS

5.       golden yellow, as hair (6 letters) FLAXEN  

6.       boorish person (4 letters) LOUT

7.       without reward (9 letters) THANKLESS


Salt level-5 Answers:


1.       artist’s workspace (6 letters) STUDIO

2.       tender feeling (9 letters) SENTIMENT  

3.       tasty (9 letters) FLAVORFUL

4.       perpetual emotion (4 letters) LOVE

5.       mine (10 letters) EXCAVATION

6.       mess about (6 letters) TINKER  

7.       mind-blowing (7 letters) AMAZING


Salt level-6 Answers:

1.       unintended bad reaction (8 letters) BLOWBACK

2.       filled with tenants (8 letters) OCCUPIED

3.       having a strong appeal (8 letters) TEMPTING

4.       not brand name (7 letters) GENERIC

5.       most up-to-date (6 letters) LATEST

6.       presidential ouster (11 letters) IMPEACHMENT

7.       Korean car maker (7 letters) HYUNDAI


Salt level-7 Answers:


1.       neck-swelling ailment (5 letters) MUMPS

2.       unconventional (5 letters) OUTRE

3.       vocation (10 letters) OCCUPATION

4.       turn blue (6 letters) SADDEN

5.       it’s usually X or Y (10 letters) CHROMOSOME  

6.       musically pleasing (10 letters) HARMONIOUS

7.       like bonsai trees (6 letters) POTTED


Salt level-8 Answers:


1.       King Arthur’s castle (7 letters) CAMELOT

2.       duster (9 letters) HOUSECOAT

3.       bicycle feature (9 letters) KICKSTAND  

4.       crestfallen (7 letters) SUBDUED

5.       suspension of fine particles (7 letters) AEROSOL

6.       foolish talk (6 letters) DRIVEL  

7.       beaver’s home (5 letters) LODGE


Salt level-9 Answers:


1.       of a military unit (10 letters) REGIMENTAL

2.       spot for a peck (5 letters) CHEEK

3.       it may be plucked (7 letters) EYEBROW

4.       solar explosion (5 letters) FLARE  

5.       groundhog (9 letters) WOODCHUCK

6.       add a coat to (5 letters) PAINT   

7.       caulking material (5 letters) PUTTY


Salt level-10 Answers:


1.       wet kiss (6 letters) SMOOCH

2.       ill-natured (7 letters) PEEVISH

3.       overly fancy (6 letters) ORNATE

4.       ill-tempered (5 letters) SURLY

5.       man-made (10 letters) ARTIFICIAL  

6.       ruffed grouse (9 letters) PARTRIDGE

7.       do a double take (5 letters) REACT


Salt level-11 Answers:


1.       noodle grain (9 letters) BUCKWHEAT

2.       minute bit (4 letters) IOTA  

3.       carbon-14, for one (7 letters) ISOTOPE

4.       one with his hat in the ring (7 letters) NOMINEE

5.       forgiveness for a crime (8 letters) CLEMENCY

6.       give the brushoff (4 letters) SNUB

7.       alligator pear (7 letters) AVOCADO

Salt level-12Answers:


1.       failure to navigate walking (7 letters) MISSTEP

2.       engine failure (9 letters) BREAKDOWN

3.       financially failed (8 letters) BANKRUPT

4.       failure to act (11 letters) NONFEASANCE  

5.       capable of failure (8 letters) FALLIBLE

6.       complete failure (6 letters) FIASCO

7.       fail to pass a class (5 letters) FLUNK

Salt level-13 Answers:


1.       rotating rod in a car (10 letters) DRIVESHAFT

2.       Hawaiian capital (8 letters) HONOLULU

3.       past through a sieve (4 letters) SIFT

4.       disgusting, dude (6 letters) GNARLY

5.       length of the arm (5 letters) REACH

6.       Titanic escape (8 letters) LIFEBOAT  

7.       taxiing vehicle (8 letters) AIRLINER

Salt level-14 Answers:


1.       astronaut’s landing (10 letters) SPLASHDOWN

2.       it’s all for show (7 letters) CHARADE

3.       old document storage format (9 letters) MICROFILM  

4.       dreamlike (7 letters) SURREAL

5.       leader of the Marx Brothers (7 letters) GROUCHO

6.       raise to first class (7 letters) UPGRADE  

7.       illegal move at the mound (4 letters) BALK

Salt level-15 Answers:


1.       extinguisher user (11 letters) FIREFIGHTER

2.       movement to a new country (11 letters) IMMIGRATION  

3.       not normal (7 letters) UNUSUAL

4.       21-gun salute (5 letters) SALVO

5.       lacking backbone (5 letters) TIMID

6.       explosive powder (7 letters) CORDITE

7.       Bullwinkle, for one (5 letters) MOOSE

Salt level-16 Answers:


1.       bun maker (7 letters) STYLIST  

2.       night driving aids (10 letters) HEADLIGHTS   

3.       horticulture (11 letters) LANDSCAPING   

4.       sound of impact (4 letters) THUD

5.       throw out a decision (8 letters) OVERTURN

6.       cargo (7 letters) FREIGHT

7.       Montana neighbor (5 letters) IDAHO

Salt level-17 Answers:


1.       act of compromise (9 letters) MEDIATION

2.       theatrical venue (9 letters) PLAYHOUSE

3.       legislative act (9 letters) ORDINANCE

4.       lesser ape (6 letters) GIBBON

5.       illegal hunter (7 letters) POACHER

6.       rockhound (9 letters) GEOLOGIST

7.       bicycle course (4 letters) PATH


Salt level-18 Answers:


1.       taking wing (5 letters) ALOFT  

2.       Nancy, to Ronald (4 letters) WIFE

3.       meat avoider (5 letters) VEGAN

4.       shy and reserved (9 letters) DIFFIDENT  

5.       entertainment (9 letters) AMUSEMENT

6.       bottle opener (9 letters) CORKSCREW

7.       hugging curves (9 letters) SKINTIGHT

Salt level-19 Answers:


1.       physical attack (7 letters) ASSAULT  

2.       Popeye’s favorite food (7 letters) SPINACH  

3.       publisher’s trademark (8 letters) COLOPHON  

4.       position of a celestial object (7 letters) AZIMUTH  

5.       tell tall tales (10 letters) EXAGGERATE

6.       Quasimodo was one (9 letters) HUNCHBACK

7.       edible bulbs (6 letters) ONIONS

Salt level-20 Answers:


1.       collusive business group (6 letters) CARTEL

2.       dismal (8 letters) DOWNCAST

3.       perplex (8 letters) BEFUDDLE  

4.       large nose (9 letters) PROBOSCIS

5.       rabies (11 letters) HYDROPHOBIA   

6.       roller coaster or skylift (4 letters) RIDE

7.       sweet dessert (7 letters) PUDDING

Salt level-21 Answers:


1.       squanderer (11 letters) SPENDTHRIFT  

2.       full of fibs (9 letters) DECEITFUL  

3.       patient transportation (6 letters) GURNEY  

4.       of small size (5 letters) PYGMY

5.       Kennedy predecessor (10 letters) EISENHOWER

6.       sharp as a tack (5 letters) ACUTE  

7.       derisive shout (4 letters) HOOT

Salt level-22Answers:


1.       oversee (9 letters) SUPERVISE

2.       winter buildup (8 letters) SNOWBANK

3.       thick spicy stew (6 letters) BURGOO  

4.       legitimate (6 letters) LAWFUL

5.       cell division (7 letters) MEIOSIS

6.       cheap digs for travelers (6 letters) HOSTEL

7.       outcast (10 letters) EXPATRIATE


Salt level-23 Answers:


1.       sleeveless shirt (7 letters) TANKTOP  

2.       final figure (5 letters) TOTAL   

3.       healing application (8 letters) POULTICE

4.       holdup (7 letters) ROBBERY

5.       combination of cuisines (6 letters) FUSION  

6.       able to see into the future (9 letters) PRESCIENT  

7.       handheld firework (8 letters) SPARKLER


Salt level-24 Answers:


  bring into agreement (6 letters) ACCORD  

2.       British lawyer (9 letters) BARRISTER

3.       court declaration (9 letters) AFFIDAVIT

4.       flounder or sole (8 letters) FLATFISH  

5.       preparation for an exam, maybe (8 letters) CRAMMING

6.       smeared (7 letters) SMUDGED

7.       possessed at birth (6 letters) INNATE


Salt level-25 Answers:


  cease (6 letters) DESIST  

2.       infer from current data (11 letters) EXTRAPOLATE

3.       idealistic (7 letters) UTOPIAN  

4.       noun ending in -s, often (6 letters) PLURAL

5.       cook under high heat (5 letters) BROIL  

6.       expert in crop production (10 letters) AGRONOMIST  

7.       cold treat (8 letters) POPSICLE


Salt level-26 Answers:


1.       mudslinger (9 letters) MUCKRAKER

2.       water down (6 letters) WEAKEN  

3.       stamping ground (7 letters) HANGOUT  

4.       systematic explanation (10 letters) EXPOSITION  

5.       inorganic material (7 letters) MINERAL

6.       like “sdrawkcab” (9 letters) BACKWARDS

7.       girl in the family (5 letters) NIECE


Salt level-27 Answers:


  come back to (7 letters) REVISIT  

2.       racing rowboat (6 letters) WHERRY

3.       small boat (5 letters) SKIFF

4.       delivery expertise (10 letters) OBSTETRICS  

5.       rule under an iron fist (7 letters) TYRANNY

6.       state of motherhood (9 letters) MATERNITY

7.       Joe of bubble gum fame (7 letters) BAZOOKA


Salt level-28 Answers:


1.       barge (8 letters) FLATBOAT

2.       protection from spills (9 letters) DROPCLOTH  

3.       apparel (6 letters) ATTIRE   

4.       offer a hug to (5 letters) GREET

5.       exhaust (9 letters) DISSIPATE

6.       perfectly consistent (8 letters) SEAMLESS

7.       grayish purple (7 letters) HEATHER


Salt level-29 Answers:


1.       surrender (7 letters) FORFEIT

2.       flat, unleavened bread (7 letters) BANNOCK

3.       what holds a tent fast (5 letters) STAKE

4.       visual aid (7 letters) MONOCLE

5.       self-denying and austere (7 letters) ASCETIC  

6.       fern leaf (5 letters) FROND  

7.       thick-billed bird (9 letters) BULLFINCH


Salt level-30 Answers:


1.       bird that says its own name (9 letters) CHICKADEE

2.       scuba diver (7 letters) FROGMAN

3.       garden basin (8 letters) BIRDBATH

4.       biting insect (8 letters) HORSEFLY

5.       locomotive projection (10 letters) COWCATCHER

6.       tube, in an old TV (9 letters) COMPONENT  

7.       soldier’s refuge (7 letters) FOXHOLE


Salt level-31 Answers:


1.       food service provider (7 letters) CATERER

2.       collection of recipes (8 letters) COOKBOOK  

3.       quantum theory tester (9 letters) PHYSICIST

4.       teeth straighteners (6 letters)  BRACES

5.       fern variety (10 letters) MAIDENHAIR

6.       typewriter roll (6 letters) PLATEN

7.       great happiness (8 letters) FELICITY


Salt level-32 Answers:


1.       woofer’s partner (7 letters) TWEETER

2.       energy unit (5 letters) JOULE  

3.       hairy spider (9 letters) TARANTULA  

4.       likely as not (8 letters)  PROBABLY  

5.       document carrier (9 letters) BRIEFCASE

6.       contaminated (7 letters) UNCLEAN

7.       skilled craftsperson (7 letters) ARTISAN


Salt level-33 Answers:


1.       slender amphibian (4 letters) NEWT  

2.       platypus (8 letters) DUCKBILL

3.       beyond tolerance (10 letters) UNBEARABLE

4.       make official (8 letters)  NOTARIZE  

5.       place for pet turtles (9 letters) TERRARIUM

6.       nature lover (11 letters) OUTDOORSMAN

7.       grumble and gripe (4 letters) CARP


Salt level-34 Answers:


1.       tap (6 letters) FAUCET

2.       gap (6 letters) BREECH  

3.       pap (10 letters) CODSWALLOP

4.       sap (9 letters)  SIMPLETON   

5.       cap (6 letters) TOPPER  

6.       nap (7 letters) SHUTEYE

7.       map (5 letters) GRAPH


Salt level-35 Answers:


1.       lead astray (6 letters) DELUDE  

2.       like some mortgages (10 letters) ADJUSTABLE

3.       kind of rug (8 letters) BEARSKIN  

4.       syrup tree (5 letters)  MAPLE   

5.       neck spasm (5 letters) CRICK   

6.       informal language (5 letters) SLANG

7.       flouncy undergarment (9 letters) PETTICOAT


Salt level-36 Answers:


1.       car or dessert (5 letters) COUPE

2.       the green-eyed monster (8 letters) JEALOUSY

3.       reporter, at times (11 letters) INTERVIEWER

4.       humane (8 letters)  MERCIFUL

5.       leg muscle (9 letters) HAMSTRING

6.       weasel relative (5 letters) SABLE

7.       requiring extra care (8 letters) DELICATE


Salt level-37 Answers:


1.       yielding positive results (10 letters) PRODUCTIVE

2.       place to wash clothes (11 letters) LAUNDERETTE

3.       vitality (5 letters) OOMPH

4.       horned hat wearer (6 letters)  VIKING  

5.       radiate or emit (5 letters) EXUDE

6.       memory aid (7 letters) TICKLER

7.       summer attire (8 letters) SUNDRESS


Salt level-38 Answers:


1.       mesmerize (9 letters) CAPTIVATE

2.       practical method (9 letters) TECHNIQUE

3.       one half of an “Odd Couple” (7 letters) KLUGMAN  

4.       out of control (4 letters)  AMOK

5.       petite (10 letters) DIMINUTIVE

6.       NASA’s field (8 letters) ROCKETRY  

7.       grim or austere (10 letters) FORBIDDING


Salt level-39 Answers:


1.       beach wear (8 letters) SWIMSUIT

2.       juiciness (10 letters) SUCCULENCE

3.       Burroughs’ hero (6 letters) TARZAN  

4.       record of memories (9 letters)  SCRAPBOOK

5.       decorative strip (7 letters) MOLDING  

6.       chow (4 letters) GRUB

7.       rabbit home (6 letters) WARREN


Salt level-40 Answers:


1.       arrange data in a graph (8 letters) TABULATE

2.       symbol on Utah’s state flag (7 letters) BEEHIVE  

3.       clothing choice at bedtime (9 letters) NIGHTGOWN  

4.       big and strong (5 letters)  BURLY

5.       down in the dumps (8 letters) DEJECTED  

6.       tell stories (6 letters) REGALE  

7.       subject of some contests (10 letters) POPULARITY


Salt level-41 Answers:


1.       counting official (11 letters) SCOREKEEPER

2.       Mt. Pinatubo’s island (5 letters) LUZON  

3.       accumulated work (7 letters) BACKLOG  

4.       a very large number (8 letters)  TRILLION

5.       mechanical error (11 letters) MALFUNCTION

6.       sprinted (5 letters) RACED

7.       hydrofoil, for one (9 letters) SPEEDBOAT


Salt level-42 Answers:


1.       artwork or house work (8 letters) PAINTING

2.       adding machine (10 letters) CALCULATOR

3.       darling (7 letters) BELOVED

4.       jibber-jabber (10 letters)  DOUBLETALK

5.       leek kin (8 letters) SCALLION

6.       window washer’s platform (8 letters) SCAFFOLD

7.       self-satisfaction (11 letters) COMPLACENCE


Salt level-43 Answers:


1.       argosy or steamer (4 letters) SHIP

2.       musical theater form (8 letters) OPERETTA  

3.       galago (8 letters) BUSHBABY

4.       walking aid (6 letters)  CRUTCH  

5.       crepuscular ray (7 letters) SUNBEAM

6.       slash sign (7 letters) VIRGULE

7.       salacious (10 letters) LASCIVIOUS


Salt level-44 Answers:


1.       wine expert (9 letters) SOMMELIER  

2.       sealed up (4 letters) SHUT  

3.       shoplifter’s problem (11 letters) KLEPTOMANIA

4.       one way to play a chord (8 letters)  ARPEGGIO  

5.       revert to one’s wicked ways (9 letters) BACKSLIDE

6.       impactful (6 letters) PUNCHY  

7.       attempt an overthrow (6 letters) REVOLT


Salt level-45 Answers:


1.       Lucy van Pelt’s epithet (9 letters) BLOCKHEAD

2.       reject as invalid (8 letters) DISALLOW

3.       code word game (10 letters) CRYPTOGRAM

4.       weight training exercise (4 letters)  CURL

5.       pen name (9 letters) PSEUDONYM  

6.       change for the better (11 letters) IMPROVEMENT

7.       Russian currency (5 letters) RUBLE


Salt level-46 Answers:


1.       throw overboard (8 letters) JETTISON  

2.       leg-pulling (10 letters) JOCULARITY

3.       restaurant check (4 letters) CHIT

4.       jagged wound (10 letters)  LACERATION

5.       lackadaisical (7 letters) LANGUID  

6.       pimento-stuffed fruit (5 letters) OLIVE

7.       active at night (9 letters) NOCTURNAL


Salt level-47 Answers:


1.       deaden a sound (6 letters) MUFFLE  

2.       member of a ship’s crew (8 letters) DECKHAND

3.       rich and abundant (9 letters) LUXURIANT  

4.       man hater (11 letters)  MISANTHROPE

5.       change the tone or pitch of (8 letters) MODULATE

6.       to a T (9 letters) PERFECTLY

7.       dagger’s partner (5 letters) CLOAK


Salt level-48 Answers:


1.       very generous (10 letters) MUNIFICENT

2.       lightheaded (5 letters) GIDDY  

3.       easily understood (5 letters) LUCID  

4.       man Friday (9 letters)  ASSISTANT

5.       demanding attention (6 letters) CRYING

6.       hooded cloak (8 letters) BURNOOSE

7.       kitchen appliance (10 letters) DISHWASHER


Salt level-49 Answers:


1.       on the table (10 letters) NEGOTIABLE

2.       yaw (7 letters) DEVIATE

3.       winter vehicle (10 letters) SNOWMOBILE

4.       type of airplane engine (9 letters)  TURBOPROP   

5.       emphasized, in a way (4 letters) BOLD

6.       like Pepe Le Pew (6 letters) STINKY

7.       finger woe (8 letters) HANGNAIL


Salt level-50 Answers:


1.       browser command (7 letters) REFRESH

2.       small quick bread (5 letters) SCONE

3.       crisp almond cookie (8 letters) BISCOTTI

4.       elaborately embellished (7 letters)  FLOWERY

5.       secret identity (5 letters) ALIAS   

6.       not very enthusiastic (8 letters) LUKEWARM

7.       mass confusion (11 letters) PANDEMONIUM


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