Thursday, 29 March 2012


Great News: 7 little words answers Releases the SALT level answers These are Amazing.
Salt Level Answers Are Available Now Please Follow The Following Link to Get These Answers.


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Salt level-1 Answers:


1.       crazy (7 letters) CRACKED

2.       idiotic (5 letters) NUTTY

3.       off the wall (9 letters) SCREWBALL

4.       half-baked (11 letters) HAREBRAINED

5.       unconventional (7 letters) OFFBEAT  

6.       senseless (7 letters) MESHUGA

7.       difficult problem (9 letters) CONUNDRUM


Salt level-2 Answers:


1.       pushing and shoving (7 letters) SCUFFLE  

2.       scrimshaw (7 letters) CARVING

3.       separator of clauses (9 letters) SEMICOLON

4.       strike with a flat object (6 letters) THWACK

5.       without thinking (9 letters) IMPULSIVE

6.       sensational promotion (8 letters) BALLYHOO

7.       harshly critical (8 letters) SCATHING


Salt level-3 Answers:


1.        without warning (6 letters) SUDDEN  

2.       be in charge of (10 letters) ADMINISTER  

3.       NASCAR course (5 letters) TRACK  

4.       staggering (10 letters) FORMIDABLE

5.       injurious (7 letters) HARMFUL

6.       food storage area (6 letters) PANTRY

7.       leaf part (4 letters) STEM


Salt level-4 Answers:


1.       penetrate throughout (7 letters) PERVADE

2.       remember with a ceremony (11 letters) COMMEMORATE  

3.       mujaddara legume (11 letters) LENTIL

4.       deviate from the main topic (7 letters) DIGRESS

5.       golden yellow, as hair (6 letters) FLAXEN  

6.       boorish person (4 letters) LOUT

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Dreams Level Answers Are Updated 35 levels to 50 Levels answers Thanks for Co operating us to improve Our site


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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Dreams Level Answers Are Updated to 35 Levels

7little words game answers for Dreams Level are updated to 35 levels in previous we released the only 11 levels of answers and now we are updating the Levels to 35. For all 35 Levels of  Dreams level answers click here

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Sunday, 25 March 2012

7 Little Words Is An Amazing Word Puzzle Game

7 Little Words is a game for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch that challenges users to piece together words based on puzzle clues.

If you're a fan of crossword puzzles or other word games, 7 Little Words is a fantastic little app to take with you on the go. It'll keep you challenged and test the vocabulary prowess of even the most advanced wordsmiths out there.

Much like what Astraware Sudoku does for numbers, 7 Little Words will challenge the limits of your knowledge of different words. In each puzzle you're given seven clues with which you'll have to figure out the seven mystery words. To help you out, 7 Little Words gives you 20 letter sets. Use these number sets to spell out the mystery word based on the clues you're given. Once you think you've figured out the mystery word, click the "guess" button. If you're right, the clue will be bolded. You can guess the words in whatever order you like.

Once you've figured out all seven mystery words in 7 Little Words, you can move on to the next puzzle. The only real complaint some users might have is that the game's a little repetitive. It would've been nice if 7 Little Words had offered more than just the standard game set-up.

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Saturday, 24 March 2012

Dreams Level Answers


Answers to Dreams1:


1.       bony substance in the mouth (8 letters) CEMENTUM

2.       aromatic herb (6 letters) FENNEL

3.       hint of perfume (5 letters) WHIFF

4.       dine heartily (5 letters) FEAST

5.       misuse of a word (11 letters) MALAPROPISM

6.       take out of one’s will (6 letters) DISOWN

7.       impetutously (8 letters) [sic] HEADLONG


Answers to Dreams2:


1.       call on the carpet (5 letters) CHIDE

2.       argued over petty matters (8 letters) BICKERED

3.       carpet pad (9 letters) UNDERFELT

4.       carpet maker (6 letters) WEAVER

5.       carpet fabric (8 letters) MOQUETTE

6.       wide carpet (9 letters) BROADLOOM

7.       carpet cleaner (7 letters) SWEEPER


Answers to Dreams3:


1.       trial period (9 letters) PROBATION

2.       stopgap (9 letters) MAKESHIFT

3.       Amazon, for one (5 letters) RIVER

4.       Republican rival (8 letters) DEMOCRAT

5.       unsettled region (10 letters) WILDERNESS

6.       university grounds (6 letters) CAMPUS

7.       word book (9 letters) THESAURUS


Answers to Dreams4:


1.       snorty laugh (7 letters) SNIGGER

2.       Indian paintbrush, e.g. (10 letters) WILDFLOWER

3.       have an argument (8 letters) DISAGREE

4.       of lesser quality (8 letters) INFERIOR

5.       special jargon (5 letters) ARGOT

6.       judge the value of (8 letters) EVALUATE

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Monday, 5 March 2012

Papayas level Complete-50 levels cheats



7 Little Words Papayas Level 1 Answers:


1.       for protection = DEFENSIVE

2.       liable to catch cold = BARE

3.       huge financial success = KILLING

4.       populate = PEOPLE

5.       intensely uptight = EDGY

6.       needlework stitch = LOOP

7.       inmate = PRISONER


7 Little Words Papayas Level 2 Answers:


1.       snappish = CRUSTY

2.       law judgment = OPINION

3.       pay attention = LISTEN

4.       not counterfeit = GENUINE

5.       adjoining = IMMEDIATE

6.       worship = ADORE

7.       where goods are made = FACTORY


7 Little Words Papayas Level 3 Answers:


1.       multiplication number = FACTOR

2.       show the difference between = CONTRAST

3.       where sun meets Earth = HORIZON

4.       true belief = VERITY

5.       distinctly defined = SHARP

6.       fashionista’s concern = STYLE

7.       control the speed of = REGULATE


7 Little Words Papayas Level 4 Answers:


1.       catch, as a disease = CONTRACT

2.       codes of practice = RULES

3.       city board = COUNCIL

4.       “The King” = PRESLEY

5.       adequate = SUFFICIENT

6.       express sorrow = LAMENT

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